A long time ago (30 years to be exact) in a galaxy far far away (otherwise known as LaJolla, CA), two young traders named Bill Taylor and Ron George launched the original Professional Traders Opinion newsletter.  The paid newsletter was widely read in the Chicago and New York trading communities and frequently quoted in the financial press at the time.  Ron and Bill wrote in an irreverent style and called both macro and micro events along with stock picks.  The newsletters were printed on colored paper, and they offered an 800 number so subscribers could call in for weekly updates.  Needless to say, the technology of communication has evolved a bit since then.  They also simultaneously ran a hedge fund, and tracked performance returns on the newsletter – up or down – month over month.  After a while, Bill and Ron drifted apart but each continued to expound on market thoughts to whomever would listen to them.

Now, the Professional Traders Opinion 2.0 has relaunched and the two will once again share with the world their market thoughts – with the benefit of 30 more years in the markets under their belt, and on this newer worldwide platform otherwise known as the internet.  The newsletter will aim to call macro trends and comment on specific markets and stocks in an irreverent fashion with a nod to the writing style of Alan Abelson of Barron’s of days of old, and a tip of the hat to Click & Clack, the Tappet Brothers and Jane Curtain’s & Dan Akroyd’s highly amusing “Point/Counterpoint” skits from SNL in the 70′.  In the near future, we will also be adding new quant stats, which our readers will not find anywhere else.

Enjoy – feel free to repost – and let us know your thoughts!


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